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So it has been a while since I have blogged, you know busy with family, working full time, Christmas etc. Today, however I have some exciting news. After over two years of trying we are finally expecting a new baby this October! My son is 5 and the twins are 3 (no more diapers) so … Continue reading

Now that I am a mother I can’t watch the news

Have you ever noticed that since you had kids, news stories involving children or even TV fiction hits you a lot harder in the heart? I am a very emotional and sensitive person and I always have been. I feel things deeply and often tear up over stories I read on Facebook that other people … Continue reading

The Thursday Review: Baby Bottle Buddy Collection

Juggling twins can be difficult, especially when it comes to feeding.   Whether you have multiples or just one the Baby Bottle Buddy will make your life a lot easier!  So I am rerunning this review to spread the word about this cheap and useful contraption. Up to the point when I bought them my girls had been mostly breastfed. However, … Continue reading

It’s More Fun To Parent One?

As a mother of three I can say that a mother’s love does not divide, it multiples.  I love that I have three kids and would gladly have more.  Yet, I find when I am alone with just one of my children things are so different. Yesterday I took Sawyer to Wal-Mart to look for … Continue reading

My (Former) Twin Baby Bump

I was cleaning out my closet today and felt a little nostalgic sorting through some of my old maternity clothes. Sure I was carrying around an extra almost 60lbs at the end (not pictured) but I enjoyed every last minute of it.  This picture goes from 13 weeks to 36.5 (I was induced and they … Continue reading

How To Speak The Language of TTC

This post is inspired by one of my favourite blogs, Honestly Infertile.  Even though I am not trying to get pregnant now, like any language,  once you learn it you never forget.  If you are a man you will be totally lost so today’s post is not for you.  Feel free to visit Jo Blo … Continue reading

Baby Milestones: The Girls At 12 Months Old

Where will your baby be at 12 months old?  While all babies are different (including my twins!) here is where the girls are right now. JUNE Food: eating some solid foods like pasta , cookies, banana and (adult) cereal.  Still eats a lot of pureed baby food and drinks non iron-fortified formula. She can also drink … Continue reading

Walk With Me, Mama

Hormones You Are Not My Friend: The Postpartum Return To Fertility

For all you readers out there who are a bit squeamish about hormones and periods etc. I am going to warn you, you might want to skip this one.  For everyone else, read on.. When you are a teenager and you do something stupid (related to the opposite sex) people chuckle and say, “it’s teenage … Continue reading

The Thursday Review: Baby Feeding Accessories

Now that the twins are eating solids I thought it would be a good time to review some of the feeding tools to let you know which ones are worth spending your money on. 1. Baby Cubes Baby cubes are storage containers designed for parents who make baby food. For instance pulverized a sweet potato, … Continue reading


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