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Throwback Thuraday: Should You Give Your Baby the Flu Shot?

Whether to vaccinate your children has become a controversial topic these days.  In my area, children cannot start school unless they are vaccinated and for the record, as a Health and Safety professional, I am pro vaccination.  Yet, when it comes to the flu shot, I have been undecided for years. Last week we were … Continue reading

Lost your mittens? Now you shall have no pie!

Back in the fall I thought I was smart. I thought I planned ahead. But of course, I was wrong. I purchased Sawyer four pairs of mitts. Two knitted for fall and two waterproof for winter. Well, he lost his last pair in Montreal this past weekend and despite the plethora of mittens the rest … Continue reading

Happy Family Day Weekend!

For those of you who don’t live in Ontario, you are probably thinking, what the heck is she talking about, every day is family day.  However, where I live we actually have a statutory holiday this Monday February 16th called Family Day. Ah Family Day, Ontario’s favourite fake holiday. It’s only been around since 2008, … Continue reading

Now that I am a mother I can’t watch the news

Have you ever noticed that since you had kids, news stories involving children or even TV fiction hits you a lot harder in the heart? I am a very emotional and sensitive person and I always have been. I feel things deeply and often tear up over stories I read on Facebook that other people … Continue reading

How To Win On Your Income Tax For Ontario Parents

It’s tax time again, and like most of us you probably don’t know all the ins and outs of filing a return.  While I don’t know everything about taxes, I do know that as a parent you want to stretch your money as far as it can go.  So to help out my fellow Ontarians … Continue reading

My Perfect Stroller

If you have little ones you understand what a necessity a good stroller is, as well as how much they can sell for (up to $1500!!!)  So when you are buying one, whether new or used you are making an investment.  At this point I have used several strollers and while they all have qualities I like … Continue reading

The Dufour-Lapointe Parents Deserve Medals Too

Since my children are still young, I can only imagine what it will feel like when they get older and we get to celebrate some of the larger moments in their lives.  No matter what they do, I will love them, and be extremely proud. Imagine how the Dufour-Lapointe parents must feel right now.  They … Continue reading

Financial Sense: Employer Benefits On Maternity Leave

This is a guest post by a fellow working mom who wanted to share her story but wished to remain anonymous (for obvious reasons). All I can say is that I am glad it didn’t happen to me! In Ontario, while a mother (or father) is on maternity/parental leave she is still eligible to use … Continue reading

Styled By Shannon: Working Mom Fashion January

To inspire others and show how you can be a fashionable mom and save money, for the next 12 months I am going to have a monthly fashion section where I feature some of the current pieces in my wardrobe for both at home and at work. This month is all about Le Chateau.  I LOVE … Continue reading

Back At Work And Thinking Too Much

I have been back at work for a week now, and here are my thoughts so far. Work has been busy since it is the Christmas season and I have lots of events to keep my busy.  I haven’t been missing the time with my kids so far since I still get four hours with … Continue reading


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