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Spring Cleaning the Craft Room

It’s not quite spring yet but there is never really a bad time to clean and organize. Today’s guest post by Jennifer Livingston has some great tips I hope you enjoy. Are you into cleaning your craft room? Each spring, I find this a rather satisfying way to end the winter and usher in the … Continue reading

The Value of Vinegar as a Natural Cleaning Product

Hello ladies and gents!  Today I have another guest post for you from the Lee Flynn all about Vinegar.  As a mom of several babies, human and furry I am always on the lookout for alternatives to harsh chemical and believe me when I say I am constantly cleaning up messes LOL .  I hope you … Continue reading

Environmentally Friendly Home Cleaning Hacks

When life gives you lemons… make household cleaner!  Today’s article is a guest post by Lee Flynn and I hope you find it very useful. Environmentally Friendly Home Cleaning Hacks Scientists and researchers today have a scary story to spin when it comes to how household germs, dirt and debris can impact your family’s health. … Continue reading

You Know You Are A Mommy When….

Thought we’d have some fun today and talk about the idiosyncrasies of parenting. Join in at the end. And no judging me LOL I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 1. You are put at the store and realize that blob is not part of the pattern of your shirt, it’s baby spit up. 2. … Continue reading

Funny Art Project For Twins

Well everyone, this is the closest I get to Arsty Craftsy (at least compared to moms on Pinterest).  Enjoy! Happy Crafting!                

Wordless Wednesday: The Twinnado Strikes

True story!

Wordless Wednesday: Twinnado

The Kids Are Away And Mom Is…Confused???

It’s the moment we all dream about.  The kids are going to their grandparents for the weekend (with Daddy).  This means mommy is on her own for two whole days!!!  Yet, for all my excitement, I am also filled with dread. Crazy right? You know how it is. I know I will be upset if … Continue reading


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