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The Game of Diapers goes to the vet

Ouch. Wednesday night before bed I went to take my dog out and to my dismay she peed blood. She had a urinary tract infection last September which resulted in me and Sawyer spending three hours in the emergency and $500. Of course I realized that this was urgent but since I did have some … Continue reading

Top Ten: The Similarities Between Parenting Kids and Dogs

I have heard people say that having a dog is like practice for having a child.  I laugh because there is no way that having a dog is like a kid.  Yet, when you stop and think about it there are actually times when being a parent to a two-legged creature or a four-legged one … Continue reading

Flasback Sunday: Spring is in the Air

I chose to rerun this post because I was right, I am really looking back on it and laughing.  It’s so great to see that in a year you can overcome so much and troubles that seem so big are completely insignificant in the scheme of things. It’s now April and the weather is starting … Continue reading

What A Typical Day Looks Like For Me

For you (and me for reference some day) I just thought I would share what a typical day in my life looks like as a working mom of three littles.  Admittedly, things are a bit off right now with my mom being sick (so I am going into work an hour earlier), but here is what … Continue reading

April Running Challenge Game of Diapers Style

I don’t run.  I never have.  But when I read about the April Running Challenge on Piper’s Run I thought, “what a great idea to make things more interesting”.  Since I do walk almost everyday with the two dogs and three kids I decided to make my own checklist for the month of April. Here … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Juno Gets A Haircut

You know your dog needs her haircut when she gets her foot caught in her own coat and can’t get untangled!  After putting it off in hopes of warmer weather I finally gave in and booked Juno for her spa day.  This one was especially nice because not only did she get cute bows on … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: The Life Story of My Necklace

As I watched my daughter sucking on my favourite necklace it occurred to me that it was one of those items.  You know, one that you got a long time ago, when you had no clue what your future would be.  While I have toys from my youth I have passed on to my kids, this is … Continue reading

On Growing Up (Them and Me)

Having a child really shows you how quickly time goes by.  They change and grow so fast that you really learn to value every moment because you realize how fleeting they are.  Still, even the best of us can get surprised. Yesterday I was out walking the dogs with the kids (to see what that … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Girls! Things I Learned From My First Year With Twins

The girls will be one year old tomorrow and that means that I survived our first year with twins and a toddler (now 3). I would like to share with you some of the wisdom that comes from playing the game of diapers. 1. The biggest obstacles you face are the ones that exist in … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: What Walking My Dogs Looks Like

Yes, that is me, struggling to push a double stroller in a foot of snow, in the dark and cold night, with crying babies and a complaining toddler so my two dogs can get their walk. Some days I can’t believe I stay sane! Lol I love my life 🙂


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