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Why the F@$k won’t you eat?!?

It’s 6:00pm. I just walked in the door for work. my parents are throwing information at me as they run out the door. The kids are hungry. One twin wants snack, the other a juice box and my son wants to watch cartoons. “No snacks guys” I sigh. “Mamma’s gonna make you a dinner”. I … Continue reading

Getting Back On The Horse

The purpose of today’s post is twofold. One, it’s to help force myself to stick to my plan and two , it’s to help others who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle or make changes in their lives.  Change is scary and every time you try there is a chance you will fail but … Continue reading

Dinnertime Is Primetime

In honour of the impending holidays I decided to write about one of my favourite commercials.  I don’t know if you have seen the series Maple Leaf Chicken commercials, but even though I am a long time vegetarian, and not a fan of Maple Leaf, there is something about them that resonates for me. The … Continue reading

How To Get Your Children To Eat Their Junk Food

Making sure your child gets plenty of calories, fat and sugar is not always easy, but here are some creative ways you can make sure that they stay away from all those nasty fruits and vegetables. 1. Stay away from food with flavour. Processed foods tend to be blander than unprocessed foods so if you … Continue reading

The Thursday Review: President’s Choice Organic Baby Food

I am re-running this article because I am an idiot.  If you read my blog you will know that I have been going through some ethical issues with choosing food for my children.  Someone recommended going organic (in terms of meat) which was something I had never thought about (I only ever thought of produce … Continue reading

I Can’t Believe It Was The Iron Fortified Formula!

When buying formula there are so many brands and types to choose one it is easy to be overwhelmed. I thought buying the one with the most “stuff” (added iron, omegas, calcium, etc.) meant it was better for my babies. Turns out I was wrong. When my son was a baby he had trouble pooping. He … Continue reading

The Thursday Review: President’s Choice Organic Baby Food

There are so many baby foods out there these days.  Cheap, expensive, jarred, bagged, organic, etc. etc. it is hard to know what to choose for your baby.  After three kids I have tried most of the options out there, including making my own, and I have to say that I love the President’s Choice … Continue reading

10 Tips For Starting Solid Food With Twins

The twins have now been eating “solid” food  (I use the term solid jokingly since it ain’t solid going in or coming out) for about three weeks and here are a few tips/things I have noticed. 1. Don’t assume they will like the same things. I shouldn’t be surprised since I always comment abut how … Continue reading

My Confession: I Am The Mom Who Doesn’t Cook.

Above: both our food cupboards and fridge. Note the abundance of snacks but lack of “food”. That’s right. I am a mother of three who does not cook. Not because I can’t, just because I don’t want to. I am sure you have all come across this at some point in your lives. You assume … Continue reading

Fun Friday: Starting Solid Foods

I remember when Sawyer was a baby, I couldn’t  wait to start him on solid food.  I had researched al about how to feed, what to feed, when to feed, by the time he was three months old.  Now, all of the sudden, I realize the girls are almost six months, and I haven’t given … Continue reading


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