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Why the F@$k won’t you eat?!?

It’s 6:00pm. I just walked in the door for work. my parents are throwing information at me as they run out the door. The kids are hungry. One twin wants snack, the other a juice box and my son wants to watch cartoons. “No snacks guys” I sigh. “Mamma’s gonna make you a dinner”. I … Continue reading

How I stopped counting calories and started counting chemicals

You would not believe the amount of chemicals we put into our bodies every single day. Especially in so-called “diet foods” that you eat feeling better about yourself for having a 100 calories snack. Here is my shocking realization and how I decided to change my life and how you can too. I am a smart, … Continue reading

My ever increasing grocery bill

That moment when you get to the cash register and realize you have spent $450 dollars for what you hope is two weeks worth of groceries. I shop sales, clip coupons, use my |PC Points and get my groceries at the Real Canadian Superstore (which I think has the best prices for what I need) but it … Continue reading

How To Get Your Children To Eat Their Junk Food

Making sure your child gets plenty of calories, fat and sugar is not always easy, but here are some creative ways you can make sure that they stay away from all those nasty fruits and vegetables. 1. Stay away from food with flavour. Processed foods tend to be blander than unprocessed foods so if you … Continue reading

Eating Healthy On the Go for Busy Moms

If you are like me and constantly running between work and home, your kids and your dogs, you may find yourself lacking in time to eat proper meals. Yes, it does help to keep me slim, but by the same token, I get so hungry that by the time I do eat I will eat … Continue reading

The Thursday Review: President’s Choice Organic Baby Food

I am re-running this article because I am an idiot.  If you read my blog you will know that I have been going through some ethical issues with choosing food for my children.  Someone recommended going organic (in terms of meat) which was something I had never thought about (I only ever thought of produce … Continue reading

When You Have Different Belief Systems, Who Gets the Kids?

Lately I have been having a huge issue with a topic that Daddy and I just don’t see eye to eye on.  Since it directly involves the kids  I am not sure what to do.  No, this is not a post about religion, but it does have to do with my core values and beliefs, my … Continue reading

Stop! Don’t Put That In The Microwave.

While the debate over the safety of using microwave ovens is old news, there are a lot of new findings about the safety of the food you just cooked in the microwave.  Many people are consuming toxic chemicals because they were not using proper dishware in the microwave. I love my microwave.  I can’t imagine … Continue reading

The Thursday Review: President’s Choice Organic Baby Food

There are so many baby foods out there these days.  Cheap, expensive, jarred, bagged, organic, etc. etc. it is hard to know what to choose for your baby.  After three kids I have tried most of the options out there, including making my own, and I have to say that I love the President’s Choice … Continue reading

Happy Anniversary to Me!

I have officially been a vegetarian for 21 years…and still going strong. I would highly recommend giving up meat to anyone who is considering it.


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