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The Thursday Review: Baby Bottle Buddy Collection

Juggling twins can be difficult, especially when it comes to feeding.   Whether you have multiples or just one the Baby Bottle Buddy will make your life a lot easier!  So I am rerunning this review to spread the word about this cheap and useful contraption. Up to the point when I bought them my girls had been mostly breastfed. However, … Continue reading

Almost three months old. Where are we now?

It’s amazing how far we have come in just a year!  Here is my post from this weekend last year, about the girls at three months. Now that the girls are almost three months let’s look at some of the things they can do (so you know what to expect, give or take). June: -can … Continue reading

I Can’t Believe It Was The Iron Fortified Formula!

When buying formula there are so many brands and types to choose one it is easy to be overwhelmed. I thought buying the one with the most “stuff” (added iron, omegas, calcium, etc.) meant it was better for my babies. Turns out I was wrong. When my son was a baby he had trouble pooping. He … Continue reading

Weaning Twins: Finally Getting Your Boobs Back

After nine months of breastfeeding I decided that it was time to start weaning. Yes, I know that you can go much longer, but since I started weaning my son at eight months, I figure I have done better to make it to nine this time around. So today I am going to share my … Continue reading

The Top Five Things I Love About Weaning

I am currently going through the weaning process (for more click Weaning Twins: Finally Getting Your Boobs Back).  Since I am weaning June and I can sometimes feel guilty/discouraged I thought I’d write about some of the great things about weaning. 1. I can wear whatever I want…fancy bras, crew neck shirts (to understand this … Continue reading

The Thursday Review: Baby Bottle Buddy Collection

Juggling twins can be difficult, especially when it comes to feeding. Up to this point, my girls have been mostly breastfed. However, now Sansa has begun to prefer bottles, and I have always given them bottles when we are out in the stroller (walking the dogs etc.). I don’t remember how old Sawyer was when … Continue reading

Where did all my milk go?

Well, actually I have a good idea where it went but I am still not sure. In the last week I have noticed I have little milk and I have had to supplement with more formula. I think it started when Sansa decided she liked drinking from a bottle better than nursing. Hey, I don’t … Continue reading


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