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What Is It Like To Give Birth To Twins?

Obviously, there are as many different answers to this question as there are people, but since I get asked this a lot I thought I would share my answer with you. Background: The twins were my second pregnancy. With my first pregnancy, I carried my son to term, and then some (he was over a … Continue reading

I Can’t Believe It Was The Iron Fortified Formula!

When buying formula there are so many brands and types to choose one it is easy to be overwhelmed. I thought buying the one with the most “stuff” (added iron, omegas, calcium, etc.) meant it was better for my babies. Turns out I was wrong. When my son was a baby he had trouble pooping. He … Continue reading

Ten Tips for Transitioning Your Breastfed Baby To Formula

Now that I have successfully weaned three kids, I can offer some advice on the topic of switching from breast milk to formula and bottles. Read on to learn from the mistakes I made with my first baby, including a pretty bad practice that I didn’t even realize was wrong. 1. Start Bottles Early.  It … Continue reading

Breastfeeding But Want To Drink This Holiday? Check Out Milkscreen

I wrote this review a while ago, and technically it isn’t a true review since I have never actually used the product, but I thought since people do like to drink during the holidays I’d revisit. Yesterday I took a trip to Shopper’s Drugmart to pick up a prescription. They said it would be about … Continue reading

Ten Months and Six Teeth

The girls are now ten months old (holy crap!) so let’s see where they are now. June -has four teeth (two top, two bottom) -baby talks -loves to make music -loves her ball popper and jolly jumper – weaned onto formula -can fees herself with a bottle -likes prunes, sweet potatoes and butternut squash best, and can … Continue reading

Almost At 200 Followers!

I am so excited that my little blog that is only nine months old has now had over 20,000 views and has 194 followers. Generally 200 followers is the big mark from amateur to professional so let’s go.  Please read, like, share, reblog, reddit, tweet, and Facebook and let’s get 10 more people in the Game … Continue reading

Happy Eight Months: Where Are We Now

I am still in shock when I think about the fact that my little baby girls are now eight months old. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was pregnant with them. For others with twins I thought I’d do a quick run down of where we are so you can have an … Continue reading

Rerun: Do What Works for You: Pregnancy Edition

    The girls are now eight months old and I am feeling both happy and sad, and in shock. Lol Decided to rerun this since it feels like just yesterday I was pregnant with them.   After speaking with other  mommies about their pregnancies and deliveries I decided to write about how my #1 … Continue reading

Tips For How To Win At Breastfeeding: What The Books Don’t Tell You

The Wonderful World of Breastfeeding There are many great places you can get information about breastfeeding on these days. There are books, websites, blogs and more. When I was pregnant with my first baby I knew I wanted to breastfeed. Being the scholar that I am, I researched and read everything I could get my … Continue reading

Why “sleep when the baby sleeps” is not good advice.

Okay, before I start, I do understand the root of this advice. I mean things need to get done and since caring for a newborn will eat up your days it is very tempting to do chores, eat or have a shower if they dose off. However, I think it was my undoing.with my son. … Continue reading


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