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How To Get Out Of The Rut

Feeling in a rut? This flashback post may be just the what you need. Every day we make so many conscious and unconscious choices its easy to forget that we actually have a choice.  We have a choice to hold the door for someone or the choice to give up our seat on the bus … Continue reading

Happiness lies within, but it’s also my password

No, don’t go getting all excited that you can get into my bank account because that’s not the case. However today I wanted to share a lesson I learned about how easy it is to change your outlook on life by doing something so simple as changing a changing a password. One morning I came … Continue reading

Finding Inspiration: favourite quotes

Lately I have been really really upset and while looking for something to grab on to I re-read this post regarding my favourite inspirational quotes.  Unfortunately, I have clung to some of them so long they have lost some of their reverence, but I am sharing in case others are in need of a little … Continue reading

A change in mind and a change in heart

Last night was not a great night for me. I was exhausted and as I lay on the floor playing with the kids I almost felt myself dozing off. Of course, as I was trying to give some quality time to Sawyer the twins got into their usual mischief. By the time I finally got … Continue reading

Cultivating Gratitude…on my lunchbreak.

Dear Toronto, If you work or live downtown you may have seen me.  A blonde woman rollerblading quickly down the street clad in office attire, sunglasses on and music up.  You probably thought I looked pretty silly or wondered what I was doing or where I was going.  So let me fill you in. About once … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: My Favourite Tattoo

I have three tattoos, a butterfly, a lotus flower, and this one.  In the future both Daddy and I plan to get ones that symbolize our family (we just haven’t gotten around to it).  I often forget it’s there (it’s on my ankle) but then I see it and I smile, so here it is. … Continue reading

It’s More Fun To Parent One?

As a mother of three I can say that a mother’s love does not divide, it multiples.  I love that I have three kids and would gladly have more.  Yet, I find when I am alone with just one of my children things are so different. Yesterday I took Sawyer to Wal-Mart to look for … Continue reading

From Heels to Wheels: Rollerblading On My Lunchbreak

Whenever I am stressed my exercise level always goes up and lately I have been stressed. Sometimes I think I was born in roller blades since they feel as normal to me as walking.  I know rollerblading isn’t for most people, but after years of being an avid blader my roller blades are one of … Continue reading

I Finally Rode My Bike to Work

That’s right.  This Sunday (30th) I decided to say FU to winter and ride my bike to work. However, mother nature said FU right back at me and the morning commute was awful.  Even though it was 0 degrees, when you are going 32km/hour on a bike with wind it felt like -30 (and after … Continue reading

Looking In The Mirror: Ending The Cycle Of Parental Judgement

It never ceases to amaze me how much judgement goes on in the parenting community.  Even the tiniest decisions become controversial and anyone is willing to judge you based solely on what they see or the very limited amount of information they know about you. Rather than simply complaining about it or telling people to … Continue reading


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