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Hair Change: Extensions before and after

Thinking about changing your look for the new year? Curious about hair extensions? Read on to see my recent experience with 20 inch fusions with before and after pics. So lately I have been feeling kind of blue… to put it mildly and although I love having short hair I felt like it was time … Continue reading

Three year postpartum twin belly

What my twin postpartum belly looks like. Continue reading

My (Former) Twin Baby Bump

I was cleaning out my closet today and felt a little nostalgic sorting through some of my old maternity clothes. Sure I was carrying around an extra almost 60lbs at the end (not pictured) but I enjoyed every last minute of it.  This picture goes from 13 weeks to 36.5 (I was induced and they … Continue reading

Sunday Family Selfie

Wordless Wednesday: The Life Story of My Necklace

As I watched my daughter sucking on my favourite necklace it occurred to me that it was one of those items.  You know, one that you got a long time ago, when you had no clue what your future would be.  While I have toys from my youth I have passed on to my kids, this is … Continue reading

Diastasis Recti- Otherwise Known As The Big Hole In My Belly

Even a year after giving birth, I still have some battle wounds that are slow to heal.  One of them happens to be the hole in my belly.  While it was once so big I could put my WHOLE hand in there, it’s still around. Basically Diastasis recti refers to a visible separation or gap … Continue reading

12 Month Postpartum Twin Belly Pics: Proud of My Body, Pouch and All

Here are the pics you have all been waiting for. Okay, not really, but my last update was my most popular post of all time! Why do I post these pictures? The reason is simple: 1. To show what a real woman’s body looks like after giving birth (in my case to twins). That includes … Continue reading

What a Mommy Selfie looks like.

11 Month Postpartum Twin Belly Pics: Warning Graphic Images

This will be my last postpartum pic unless anything changes.  I am back down to my pre-pregnancy size give or take.  I still have  pouch, but I wear it with pride (even if it is a little sad LOL). I notice that with the more weight I lose, the worse it gets. Hence, if I … Continue reading

Then and Now: Nine Months Postpartum Twin Belly Pics

Yes, you can lose he baby weight even when it’s almost 55lbs. Continue reading


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