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Twin Tuesday: Why Twins Are A Blessing

Out on our walk today, I had a lightbulb moment when I truly realized what a blessing my kids are. Sometimes when you are so busy changing diapers and cleaning up messes you forget to see the forest through the trees. I think of myself as an average normal mom, but the truth is I … Continue reading

Why Twins Are A Blessing

Today’s post is an oldie but a goodie from the day I realized how blessed I really am. While I always knew how lucky I was to have twins, our walk today confirmed it.  Twins really are a blessing.  It was a very welcome reminder because sometimes when you are so busy changing diapers and cleaning up … Continue reading

I Am Making A Pledge To Hug My Children Part 2

So here is the follow-up on my pledge to hug my children.  If you missed the first article click here to catch up. I Am Making A Pledge To Hug My Children. Did you know? The average length of a hug between two people is 3 seconds. But researchers have discovered something fantastic. When a … Continue reading

On Growing Up (Them and Me)

Having a child really shows you how quickly time goes by.  They change and grow so fast that you really learn to value every moment because you realize how fleeting they are.  Still, even the best of us can get surprised. Yesterday I was out walking the dogs with the kids (to see what that … Continue reading

Answers to Common Questions about Being a Working Mom

Now that I am back at work people are always me “what is it like working full-time with three kids?”  After giving several different answers I finally settled on not good, not bad, just busy! In reality, the question is a very complex one, with a multitude of factors to consider, and a huge variety … Continue reading

11 Month Postpartum Twin Belly Pics: Warning Graphic Images

This will be my last postpartum pic unless anything changes.  I am back down to my pre-pregnancy size give or take.  I still have  pouch, but I wear it with pride (even if it is a little sad LOL). I notice that with the more weight I lose, the worse it gets. Hence, if I … Continue reading

Breastfeeding But Want To Drink This Holiday? Check Out Milkscreen

I wrote this review a while ago, and technically it isn’t a true review since I have never actually used the product, but I thought since people do like to drink during the holidays I’d revisit. Yesterday I took a trip to Shopper’s Drugmart to pick up a prescription. They said it would be about … Continue reading

It’s Called Terrible 2s and 3s Because F*ck#ng Awful Doesn’t Start With “T”

I was so ready for the terrible twos, I read books, talked to people and waited…and waited.  They never came, two was actually a great age (to read about it click here).  Then, here I was thinking I everything was great, all under control, and then once three hit, it all fell apart. Today was … Continue reading

I Want To Go Back To Work…No, I Don’t…Yes I Do.

Deciding whether to be a working mom or a SAHM is a very big decision. There is no right or wrong, but that doesn’t make it an easy call. My last week of full-time work was in December 2012. In other words, a long time ago! Yes, starting in August I have been working part-time but … Continue reading

Walk With Me, Mama


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