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The Thursday Review: Baby Bottle Buddy Collection

Juggling twins can be difficult, especially when it comes to feeding.   Whether you have multiples or just one the Baby Bottle Buddy will make your life a lot easier!  So I am rerunning this review to spread the word about this cheap and useful contraption. Up to the point when I bought them my girls had been mostly breastfed. However, … Continue reading

Sexy Saturday: Your Breasts After Weaning

As of this week I have officially weaned the twins, and in just a matter of days my boobs have not only gone back to their regular size, but a full cup size SMALLER! To be honest, I don’t really pay that much attention to my breasts anymore.  I wear comfortable bras (which you can … Continue reading

Weaning Twins: Finally Getting Your Boobs Back

After nine months of breastfeeding I decided that it was time to start weaning. Yes, I know that you can go much longer, but since I started weaning my son at eight months, I figure I have done better to make it to nine this time around. So today I am going to share my … Continue reading

The Top Five Things I Love About Weaning

I am currently going through the weaning process (for more click Weaning Twins: Finally Getting Your Boobs Back).  Since I am weaning June and I can sometimes feel guilty/discouraged I thought I’d write about some of the great things about weaning. 1. I can wear whatever I want…fancy bras, crew neck shirts (to understand this … Continue reading

Tips For How To Win At Breastfeeding: What The Books Don’t Tell You

The Wonderful World of Breastfeeding There are many great places you can get information about breastfeeding on these days. There are books, websites, blogs and more. When I was pregnant with my first baby I knew I wanted to breastfeed. Being the scholar that I am, I researched and read everything I could get my … Continue reading

Why “sleep when the baby sleeps” is not good advice.

Okay, before I start, I do understand the root of this advice. I mean things need to get done and since caring for a newborn will eat up your days it is very tempting to do chores, eat or have a shower if they dose off. However, I think it was my undoing.with my son. … Continue reading

Maternity Leave: An American Perspective

Today’s special guest post about maternity leave in the United States is authored by supermom Heather from Magical Chaos.  I love her blog and make sure you check it out. About Heather: She an [upper] twenty-something year old mom of three bright and feisty daughters. Her story begins back nearly a decade ago when I … Continue reading

Gorilla Mother of Twins

I had to share this pic because it was so beautiful, and it follows up with my pic last Wednesday of me breastfeeding my twins. Photo credit: Cindy Tuijtelaars

Wordless Wednesday: What Breastfeeding Twins Looks Like

This is a pic from when the girls were almost five weeks old. Sansa left, June right. I decided (after some hesitation) to publish it in the hopes that expectant mothers of twins would see it and try breastfeeding before going to bottles. As you can see not only was I bonding with the girls,  … Continue reading

Sexy Saturdays: My Brest Friend, My Sports Bra

As a follow up to last week’s post on breasts, I thought this week I’d talk about bras. Your boobs and life go through so many changes as you age and when you have kids, but does your bra? Should it? Is fashion or function your priority? When I was younger it was all about … Continue reading


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