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How Technology Keeps Us Safe

Today we have a special guest post from and nucleus. Hope you enjoy. Advertisements

The Value of Vinegar as a Natural Cleaning Product

Hello ladies and gents!  Today I have another guest post for you from the Lee Flynn all about Vinegar.  As a mom of several babies, human and furry I am always on the lookout for alternatives to harsh chemical and believe me when I say I am constantly cleaning up messes LOL .  I hope you … Continue reading

The Game of Diapers goes to the vet

Ouch. Wednesday night before bed I went to take my dog out and to my dismay she peed blood. She had a urinary tract infection last September which resulted in me and Sawyer spending three hours in the emergency and $500. Of course I realized that this was urgent but since I did have some … Continue reading

Top Ten: The Similarities Between Parenting Kids and Dogs

I have heard people say that having a dog is like practice for having a child.  I laugh because there is no way that having a dog is like a kid.  Yet, when you stop and think about it there are actually times when being a parent to a two-legged creature or a four-legged one … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Juno Gets A Haircut

You know your dog needs her haircut when she gets her foot caught in her own coat and can’t get untangled!  After putting it off in hopes of warmer weather I finally gave in and booked Juno for her spa day.  This one was especially nice because not only did she get cute bows on … Continue reading

The Day We Threw His Toys Away

Lately my son has been going (what I hope) is a phase where he is violent and yesterday I literally reached the end of my rope, but I think I finally got through to him. I love my son, but lately I he has been testing his boundaries because he has started talking back to … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: What Walking My Dogs Looks Like

Yes, that is me, struggling to push a double stroller in a foot of snow, in the dark and cold night, with crying babies and a complaining toddler so my two dogs can get their walk. Some days I can’t believe I stay sane! Lol I love my life 🙂

Top 10 Ways I Am A “Bad” Mother

Let’s face it, no one is perfect at anything, especially parenting.  In my opinion it is not about right and wrong, just finding our own ways to get to the same destination. As a full-time working mom of three under three (including twins) things don’t always go according to plan. So here are the things that make … Continue reading

My Dog Walker Drinks On The Job

How to Have Happy Babies and Happy Dogs

If you have read my blog before you know I have three babies and three Furbabies. My dogs are Juno (5) and Jessie (7) and my cat is Ripley (5). There are a lot of people that think you can’t have both, but I am proof that you can…there is just some work involved.  Two … Continue reading


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