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Flasback Sunday: Spring is in the Air

I chose to rerun this post because I was right, I am really looking back on it and laughing.  It’s so great to see that in a year you can overcome so much and troubles that seem so big are completely insignificant in the scheme of things. It’s now April and the weather is starting … Continue reading

April Running Challenge Game of Diapers Style

I don’t run.  I never have.  But when I read about the April Running Challenge on Piper’s Run I thought, “what a great idea to make things more interesting”.  Since I do walk almost everyday with the two dogs and three kids I decided to make my own checklist for the month of April. Here … Continue reading

I Am Going To Ride A Bike To Work

Being a busy working mom leaves little time for a gal to exercise.  Following my own advice that I can’t be a good mom unless I take care of myself too, I have decided I am going to start riding a bike  to work.   Eeeek! Everyone needs an outlet.  Lately, I feel like I am … Continue reading

Styled By Shannon: Working Mom Fashion January

To inspire others and show how you can be a fashionable mom and save money, for the next 12 months I am going to have a monthly fashion section where I feature some of the current pieces in my wardrobe for both at home and at work. This month is all about Le Chateau.  I LOVE … Continue reading

The girls are officially Canadian.

Today was a nice day out, despite the rain the predicted. I took the girls and Sawyer out for over an hour by myself 🙂 First, we went to Tim Hortons to take advantage of their $1 drink.days (I got an iced coffee and Sawyer got a raspberry lemonade). Then.we walked around ans.met the other … Continue reading

Getting out of the house.

Well, the weather is finally starting to warm up (knock on wood) and I really want to start getting out of the house. Plus I would like to start getting some exercise and getting back in shape. I think I have done well (I am down to 130 lbs from 172) but I am all … Continue reading

Spring is in the air.

It’s now April and the weather is starting to warm up (finally) and immediately I am consumed with thoughts about being outside. I am normally a very active, outdoorsy type of person, so being trapped inside with three kids is not easy for me. The question remains, how do I get out and about with … Continue reading


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