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How I Cried At Yoga

As part of my get healthier initiative I have decided to trade in some of my cardio sessions for classes instead. Today was my first day of Vinyasa yoga. The results were unexpected. I used to be very into Yoga and when I was in my early twenties I had extreme strength and flexibility. Of … Continue reading

Happiness lies within, but it’s also my password

No, don’t go getting all excited that you can get into my bank account because that’s not the case. However today I wanted to share a lesson I learned about how easy it is to change your outlook on life by doing something so simple as changing a changing a password. One morning I came … Continue reading

I want to blog!

Lately my soul has been yearning to blog, to write, to be part of the community alas… Firstly I have no time. And yes I know people say that but I really don’t! My day is scheduled from the time I get up until I fall in bed exhausted.  Secondly, I have a lot of … Continue reading

From Heels to Wheels: Rollerblading On My Lunchbreak

Whenever I am stressed my exercise level always goes up and lately I have been stressed. Sometimes I think I was born in roller blades since they feel as normal to me as walking.  I know rollerblading isn’t for most people, but after years of being an avid blader my roller blades are one of … Continue reading

How To Win: Understanding The Witching Hour

Call it what you want, the witching hour, arsenic hour, or just plain hell, but the tumultuous time that happens late afternoon when you leave work and pick up the kids from school/daycare or come home from work to relieve the baby sitter actually happens for a reason and understanding why is the key to … Continue reading

Looking Down My Nose At You: How Cancer Changes Things

Having a mom who is ill with cancer has turned my life upside down.  Not only is my mom sick, she was the light in my overloaded life, providing me with six hours a week of babysitting so that I could manage to keep it all together.  While I am coping with this better than … Continue reading

Say What You Want To Say and Be Brave

It’s funny.  I have the biggest mouth of anyone I know, and I love to talk, whether it’s to myself, one or two people or an auditorium full.  Yet, when it comes down to the really important stuff the words get caught up in my throat and I can never get them out, not to … Continue reading

Let Your Children Be Your Teachers

As parents we often think that it is our job to teach our kids everything from right and wrong to how to tie their shoes. What we forget is that they teach us just as much but only if we pay attention. Since I have begun practicing mindful parenting I have started a habit that … Continue reading

The Paradoxical Commandments for the Depressed

I recently read an article by Therese Orchards about the Paradoxical Commandments for the Depressed. The Paradoxical Commandments were written by Kent Keith in 1968 as part of a booklet for student leaders. Since then they have made their way to lot of refrigerator doors, speeches, and articles. Mother Teresa hung them on the wall … Continue reading

Working On Being A Working Mom

A few months ago I wrote a post on being a working mom vs. Being a SAHM. Click here to read. My thesis was that neither is “harder” they are just different in their own way. Well now that I am starting to transition back into a working mom, let me tell you, it’s hard! … Continue reading


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