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Throwback Thuraday: Should You Give Your Baby the Flu Shot?

Whether to vaccinate your children has become a controversial topic these days.  In my area, children cannot start school unless they are vaccinated and for the record, as a Health and Safety professional, I am pro vaccination.  Yet, when it comes to the flu shot, I have been undecided for years. Last week we were … Continue reading

How Do You Know When Your Child Is Ready To Potty Train

The twins are now three and we seem to have been potty training forever and partly I think it’s because we waited too long. So here are some tips about when is the right time to lead you on the path to potty training success. Starting to potty train can be quite an overwhelming thought. … Continue reading

My ever increasing grocery bill

That moment when you get to the cash register and realize you have spent $450 dollars for what you hope is two weeks worth of groceries. I shop sales, clip coupons, use my |PC Points and get my groceries at the Real Canadian Superstore (which I think has the best prices for what I need) but it … Continue reading

Is it time for a minivan?

We are currently saving to buy a car, and deciding what car to buy is proving increasingly difficult. I know, I know you think I don’t want a minivan because they are not cool. No one wants to admit they are no longer a sexy young thing but a slightly used soccer mom. But that’s … Continue reading

Now that I am a mother I can’t watch the news

Have you ever noticed that since you had kids, news stories involving children or even TV fiction hits you a lot harder in the heart? I am a very emotional and sensitive person and I always have been. I feel things deeply and often tear up over stories I read on Facebook that other people … Continue reading

Game of …Training Pants?

Some of us are born great and others have greatness thrust upon them. At least that’s what I told myself when out of the blue my 24 month old twin girls decided they wanted to start potty training! My potty trained my son around 2.5 years old using the Three Day Method and it worked really … Continue reading

Sleeping Solutions for Twin Toddlers

Before you read please note this is less of a “here is the answer “type article and more of a “I need an answer” type article LOL! I knew it was inevitable so I shouldn’t have been surprised this weekend when one of my twin girls came toddling out of her crib after I had … Continue reading

The Responsibility Chart is a Success!

Well, after about a week and a half I have to say that I couldn’t be more pleased with the chart (and my son!). We sat down together and chose his goals for the week. For the first week we didn’t fill them all because I didn’t want to make it too hard on him. … Continue reading

Family Literacy Day

I am so excited because this Saturday we are going to a party at our local library to celebrate Family Literacy Day. I think that everyone knows the importance of reading with your kids but I think that we forget to celebrate or be thankful when we have the opportunities to sit down with our littles … Continue reading

The Responsibility Chart

A few days ago I wrote about introducing (or reintroducing) my four year old to chores. I looked at various chore charts and things until I settled on this one. It is a nice wood frame with magnets. The price was reasonable at only $20 (Canadian) but the best part is that it isn’t just … Continue reading


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