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What Do You Think: Purchasing a Domain Name for Your Baby

Today’s round table question is all about what you think about setting up your baby on Social media? How early is too early? From purchasing their custom domain to setting up email and Twitter accounts parents are starting out as soon as they can to secure web space for their little ones. In fact, … Continue reading

Bloggers Beware: Six Things Not To Say Online

Whether you are just starting a blog or you have been running a Facebook page for years, it is always good to take a step back and reflect on what exactly you are putting out there. Do you talk about yourself? What about your friends? Your family? How much do you say? How do you … Continue reading

Are You A Closet Blogger?

When I started blogging, my plan was to keep it a secret.  My blog was for me, more than anyone else.  I did tell my husband, but even then, I didn’t tell him the address (and he’s not that computer savvy to go looking). I would tease him that anything bad he did would go straight … Continue reading

Getting Noticed: Top Ten Ways To Publicize Your Blog

Great blog posts aren’t so great if no one reads them.  Would you like to have more readers?  Reach a bigger audience?  Then read on. I have read many times that you should only spend 20-30% of your time actually writing and the other 70-80% publicizing your blog.  Since I blog recreationally, I am nowhere … Continue reading

Hello? Readers, Are You Out There?

Feeling as finished as Google Reader! Continue reading

Eight Easy Ways to Enhance Your Blog (and Gain Readers)

Last night I was looking for new blogs to read, and I saw so many other mommy bloggers out there just getting started.  So today I thought I would share some easy ways to elevate your blog and help gain more followers. 1. Pictures: We live is a very visual world, and virtually every device … Continue reading

Almost At 200 Followers!

I am so excited that my little blog that is only nine months old has now had over 20,000 views and has 194 followers. Generally 200 followers is the big mark from amateur to professional so let’s go.  Please read, like, share, reblog, reddit, tweet, and Facebook and let’s get 10 more people in the Game … Continue reading

Friday Blog Party!!!!!!!!

  It’s party time!  Lets share some of our successes of the week.  STEP ONE Post a link below to one of your posts that we can all check out.  Make sure to write a brief introduction or description. As for entries, you can pick the one you like most, one that’s very helpful, or … Continue reading

The Perfect Posts: Infographic For Bloggers

I thought his was a pretty  helpful infographic from my clever agency neat to read so I reposteded.

The Power of Twitter/ Kudos to Shoppers Drug Mart

I am a very frugal mom.  I am always looking for savings wherever I can find them.  So, when a store gives me a loyalty card I take advantage of it. (if you don’t check this out LINK). I currently belong to Shoppers Optimum Club.  This is a points club in which you collect points … Continue reading


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